Kate Middleton is looking for a new personal assistant (and she is very demanding)

You will need to work directly with the private secretary of the Duchess of Cambridge, and among the tasks to be performed are managing contacts, organizing meetings, taking minutes, monitoring correspondence, emails and phone calls. In addition, it will help manage travel plans, so much of the responsibility for demanding real tours will fall into your hands.

According to the application, applicants must have writing and organizational skills, “learn about the diversity of communities in the UK, the Commonwealth and the world”, in addition to administrative experience, learn about technologywrite at 60 words per minute, have excellent interpersonal skills and proven experience of having worked with a variety of peopleand also highlight the common sense, initiative, and the power of self-motivation.

The vacancy shows a special interest in inclusion and is open to “top talent, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or age”.

Besides, it is essential that the candidate is a “fan” of Kate Middleton, or in the words of the announcement, “who knows and is interested in the work and activities of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.” Evidently he demandstact, discretion and extreme confidentiality” Well, you will be in contact with inside information about the future queen consort of England.

Whoever gets the job will work from Kensington Palace during 37.5 hours a week and will have an annual salary of just over 680 thousand Mexican pesos.

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