25 years later, GoldenEye fulfills the dream of those of us who play multiplayer 4

Cheats in split screen multiplayer GoldenEye in Nintendo 64 they come to an end. Or this is what a curious project carried out by the Centre of Computing History with motif of 25th birthday of the famous Rareware first person shooter, released exclusively for Nintendo’s 64-bit console in 1997. So much so, that the British organization has invested some 8,000 pounds sterling in hardware to make it possible for the well-remembered 4-player multiplayer mode to be played play now on four independent screens.

GoldenEye from N64 on 4 separate screens

In this way, GoldenEye can now be experienced in a totally different way than the original, at least in its multiplayer mode; and it is that for many, the 4 games of the Rareware title are one of the funniest and most iconic of the history of the video game and in which the players could spy on the windows of the rivals to anticipate their movements. A technique that all of us who enjoyed the game at the time have carried out between laughter and reproaches.

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Thus, and thanks to the video shared by said British organization, we see how they have managed to recreate the GoldenEye multiplayer mode on four independent monitors sharing the image among them. And all this with a Nintendo 64 and an original GoldenEye cartridge. Of course, this event of the 25th anniversary of GoldenEye has already sold all its tickets and only attendees will be able to try such a curious invention.

An event that will also welcome four of the developers from the original game (Martin Hollis, Dr. David Doak, and Brett Jones) to share their experiences on the project, as well as share original development material, documents, concept art, and playable versions of GoldenEye in its Japanese version.

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