J Balvin vs. Residente: who Daddy Yankee supports and why

A few months ago, René Pérez (Resident) revived the controversy that he maintains with J Balvin with a tiradera in the mix BZRP session 49 of Bizarrapwhere he called the Colombian “Bobolón” and “disloyal”, in addition to criticizing him for don’t write your songs and use autotune.

Although a group of artists, such as Ruben Blades or Alejandro Sanz, celebrated the shooting of the former Calle 13, another group, among which Cosculluela and Faraon Love Shady stand out, came out in defense of “El chico de Medellín”, while others, such as Ricardo Montanerpreferred to maintain a message of neutrality in favor of peace.

However, one of the authorized voices in the discussion is daddy yankeewho, in addition to being the most successful urban artist of all time, was one of the protagonists of the photograph that brought together the participants in the fight.

The photo of J Balvin, Resident and Daddy Yankee was taken in 2016 (Photo: Resident / Instagram)
The photo of J Balvin, Resident and Daddy Yankee was taken in 2016 (Photo: Resident / Instagram)


Recently, “El big boss” appeared on the Mollusco TV podcast, where he revealed details of his last world tour, recalled anecdotes from his past and, as expected, commented on the discussion between René Pérez and José.

In his comments, Ramón Ayala, the singer’s real name, was clear in emphasizing that he does not support either of them, although he highlighted both the Puerto Rican’s talent and the Colombian’s ability to get up.

“I feel that an earthquake fell on Balvin; when there is an earthquake and a survivor comes out, it was approved. René hit him hard, but Balvin as an artist also survived, it’s part of the genre. The caliber of Balvin can demonstrate the greatness of him. René was able to demonstrate his lyrical skills and Bizarrap monetized”, indicated “El Cangri”.

In the same way, the singer, who a few weeks ago exploded on social networks with the announcement of his retirement, indicated that both must, at some point, settle their differences.

“I think if we look at it broadly, that’s the vision. Wishing everyone the best, respect to all three. I know all three of them: from Bizarrap, I shared with him working as a kid; With René we have spoken face to face a thousand times about many things, that we differ, but we are face to face; Likewise with Balvin. Respect for all three and, if in the future they understand that they must fix, amen, ”he sentenced.

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