Bolsonaro orders Leonardo DiCaprio to shut up and attacks the actor: ‘keep your mouth shut’

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has lashed out at Leonardo DiCaprio after the Oscar-winning actor used social media to emphasize the importance of the Amazon rainforest to the environment.

On Tuesday, Bolsonaro told the actor from Don’t Look Up what “keep your mouth shut” after DiCaprio called on Brazilians to vote for pro-climate candidates in the upcoming elections.

In a recent interview, CNN quoted Bolsonaro as saying: “Now, DiCaprio has to know that it was the president of the World Trade Organization himself who said that without Brazilian agribusiness, the world would be hungry. So DiCaprio better keep his mouth shut.”

“Shut up instead of talking nonsense.”

For the inexperienced, the actor of Revenant 47, has been openly critical of the regime of Bolsonarowhom he blames for rampant deforestation in the Amazon rainforests.

In Twitter, DiCapriowho is a well-known active environmental and climate activist and climate activist, urged Brazilian civilians to register to vote in the upcoming elections to be held in October.

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He tweeted: “Brazil is home to the Amazon and other critical ecosystems for climate change. What happens there matters to all of us and the vote of young people is key to driving change for a healthy planet.”

In response to the actor’s tweet, Bolsonaro added a sarcastic statement and wrote: “Thank you for your support, Leo! It is very important that all Brazilians vote in the upcoming elections. Our people will decide if they want to keep our sovereignty in the Amazon or be ruled by thieves serving foreign special interests. Good job on The Revenant !”

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