Kristie Keidel, the teacher who teaches rapping and makes math fun

Without a doubt, many students do not learn and grasp the lessons in the same way, so they need an additional incentive to the rest. Such is the case of a teacher in the USAwho teaches mathematics in a fun and different way: rapping, which has earned his history become trend from social media from TikTokwhere his classes have racked up millions of views.

fascinated with rap

Our protagonist is called Kristie Keidel and teaches sixth grade North Tonawanda Middle School. After becoming viral on the Chinese platform, she confessed in statements to WGRZ-TV.

“I love to dance, I love to rap, I love to sing. So I just started during the pandemic. It was then that I made my first TikTok. And I started dancing and used some of my math raps. I decided to put them there within the reach of other teachers”.

The methodology of Kiedel It’s simple, he uses the raps to explain mathematical formulas to his students, but also to solve the various problems of this subject. But this did not come out of nowhere, because she found her inspiration in someone very important to her: her grandfather.

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“Growing up, he called me and my cousin the ‘apple of his eye’. wrote many poems. I think I got it from him. I write a lot of poems, rhymes, raps. He is proud from above (the heavens) to look down on me because this video went viral and my songs are available for other people to use. That’s all I ever wanted.”.

His most popular video on TikTok dates from the past March 20the same one who has achieved an enviable sum that exceeds 20 million views: “Just for doing a rap in my class, and I’ve done millions of songs. I have children who are now adults and they comment that they still remember that rap. It’s great when you see a lot of the kids and the community remembering the song I made years ago.”.

hem khemps10 Rapping math teacher! #teachersoftiktok #math #mathteacher # 6thgrade #iceicebaby #vanillaice #mathrap ♬ original sound – Kristie

In this regard, the companion of our protagonist, Juli Helfmanhighlighted to WGRZ-TV: “She creates all her songs. She texts me: ‘Does this make sense?’ She is passionate about teaching and making sure the children understand the material. Everything she does she stays with these students. She will leave a legacy at this school.”

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This same medium, took the statements of some of its students, who were happy with the methodology of Keidelbecause it also makes the math is fun for thems and even fascinating.

“Every time I walk into class, I ask myself, ‘What is he going to do now?’ she is the reason why I like being in school”, “The songs are not only good, but also help us understand”, “Honestly, I never really liked math. I always find them difficult, but Mrs. Keidel made it really easy for me”.

@khemps10 Math is my Jam! #teachersoftiktok #teacher #math #6thgrade #rappingteacher #whoopthereitis #tagteam #decimals ♬ original sound – Kristie

Finally, our teacher he is aware of the work he does, of the impact it has on his students, this being the motivation he needs to continue doing what he does: “I have the opportunity to bring that emotion to the children and see them while they are learning. I look forward to remembering these things for years to come, hopefully. I’ve always said, if I can’t impact a child, I hope someone in the future can.”sentenced.

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