Pedro Suárez Vértiz generates controversy after advising women: “Get ready for your men”

Pedro Suárez Vértiz returned to attract attention after he spread a message on his social networks in which he praised the beauty of Marilyn Monroe, one of the most iconic women of the 20th century; however, he generated great controversy for the final advice he sent to all women.

The interpreter of “I forgot” revealed that he decided to write the message after watching the documentary “The mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The unpublished tapes”, which is available on Netflix.

“I was watching an interesting documentary about Marilyn Monroe on Netflix, service that I rarely use, and confirmed what I always emphasize about the physical attractiveness of women. I was never a fan of Marilyn Monroe because for me she had a very poor life. I don’t know anyone, except Michael Jackson, more unhappy. I’m sorry, the penalty wins me “, wrote in the first lines.

Pedro continued to praise Monroe’s beauty and stressed that, for him, the model’s secret was that she never tried to be a fitness woman. “It must be admitted that absolutely no female model, actress, athlete, or socialite has surpassed Marilyn Monroe. Nobody was ever the sex symbol that she was. And do you know why? Because she was not a fitness woman. She knew perfectly well how to please every man on planet Earth.” narrowed down

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After that, the Peruvian singer assured that Monrore was beautiful and seductive because “She didn’t kill her femininity by drying out her curves in a gym. She knew that the swaying of the female body drives us men crazy. Well, that’s what we’re looking for when making love.”

What did Pedro Suárez Vértiz say to generate the annoyance of Internet users?

before finishing, Pedro Suárez Vértiz left a recommendation to all women. “You have to go to the gym, yes. But to increase what is missing. Not to burn 100% of female fat, and end up looking more like Bruce Lee than Marilyn Monroe. A piece of advice, ladies: Don’t dress up for women. Get ready for your men. They will be happy, and in bed… ufffff, they will have a great time. Remember that the more calories, the better orgasms. The natural woman is the most beautiful flower in the world. Good morning, friends and happy Friday to all. term.

As expected, users of social networks reacted quickly and criticized Pedro Suárez Vértiz for advising women to “groom” for their partners and not for themselves.

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“This time I don’t agree, one has to get ready for oneself, not for the rest”, “One has to get ready for oneself, to feel good and be well, not for someone else. First we must feel and love ourselves, then the rest”, “Your comment is pure machismo”, “All good, but “do not dress up for women but for men”, nel Pedrito. Some of us fix ourselves up too”, “Being well and looking good for oneself is the most important thing…with or without a gym…it’s a shame to read sexist comments but thank God today we are many empowered women and That’s how we raise our daughters too.” They are just some reactions that are read in the comments of the national interpreter’s post.

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