How to download the COVID certificate: all methods without downloading unofficial apps to the mobile

We have passed Holy Week, we are already in May and June is approaching. Summer is coming, and with it the holidays. And although the measures have been relaxed, you may be traveling and they will ask for your Covid passport to let you access a specific site.

The Covid Passport

The Covid passport or certificate is a document that allows you to travel between EU countries by simply accrediting what “a person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has recovered from the disease or has a negative test in the last 24/72 hours”, as established by the different countries. If you do not have the EU digital COVID certificate, you can travel, but the admission process is slower and you may be asked for additional measures, such as tests or quarantines.

This certificate is ”simple, safe, reliable and free”, and you can take it from him in electronic or paper format. Although the EU digital COVID-19 certificate is valid throughout the EU, countries remain responsible for their own entry rules and health measures during the pandemic. This means that the entry requirements depend on your destination.

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The national authorities are responsible for issuing the certificate. In Spain, it is generally issued by the Autonomous Communities. Additionally, the Ministry has enabled a fully electronic procedure for the request and issuance of these certificates.

How to get and download the Covid passport

On the website of the Ministry of Health you can request the certificate through this portal if you meet any of these conditions: Either you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in Spain. Or you have had the disease and can document it with a positive test result from more than 11 days ago.

If you want to do it through the autonomous community in which you live, then you have the website from which to do it and the official mobile app -some CCAA do not issue the certificate through their application, but you must do the process through the page Web.


The Andalusian Health Service makes available to people who have been vaccinated, have taken a test whose result has been negative or have recovered from COVID19 the EU Digital COVID Certificate that certifies said situation. The certificate is available regardless of the insurance (public, private, mutual, etc.) through ClicSalud+ and the Salud Andalucía App.

Andalusia Health App for Android

Andalusia Health App for iOS

ClickSalud+ website

Requirements to obtain it


In the Health Folder section you have the health information and clinical documentation that the Aragón Health System makes available to you, through SaludInforma.

App Health Report for Android

App Health Informa for iOS

SaludInforma website


For Asturians, the process is carried out by means of a text message mixing the web page and the mobile. From this form you can request that the COVID-19 vaccination or recovery certificates be sent by SMS.

AsturSalud website


Another community that does not use a mobile app, from this website you can consult and download your vaccination, test or recovery certificate against COVID-19 if you live in Cantabria.

SCHealth website

Castilla la Mancha

The Ministry of Health of the Junta de Castilla La Mancha offers the procedure to obtain the Covid certificate also through a website with direct login, without a mobile application.

SESCAM website

Castile and Leon

Within the so-called Patient Folder, a section of the Castilla y Leon Health site, you can request the Covid passport. Also through the Sacyl Conecta mobile application that the government offers.

SACYL Connect App for Android

SACYL Connect app for iOS

Web page Health Castilla y Leon


Through the La Meva Salut site, in this personalized digital health space you can obtain the Covid passport. The advantage of its service is that no app is needed, but after a couple of clicks a QR code will appear. And when scanning it, the option to download the certificate.

My Health website


The website of the Extremaduran Health Service has a section enabled to obtain the Covid passport online, within the option ‘My clinical history’. And also from the Rioja Salud application.

Rioja Health App for Android

Rioja Health App for iOS

Page web CSOnline


The SERGAS (Galician Health Service) allows you to obtain the COVID passport in several different ways: via the web, through two different applications and by calling a phone number to obtain it via SMS.

Sergás Mobile App for Android

Sergás Mobile App for iOS

App para Android App for iOS

É-Saúde website

Phone number: 900 400 116

Balearic Islands

If you live in any of the Balearic Islands, you can request a passport through the Ibsalut website, or by using the Cita Previa GOIB mobile application to obtain it.

Cita Previa GOIB App for Android

Cita Previa GOIB App for iOS

IbSalut website

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands offer you a direct website to request a Covid passport. And you can also do it through the mobile application miDigital Certificate

miCertificado Digital COVID EU App for Android

miCertificado Digital COVID EU App for iOS

miCertificado Covid webpage

The Rioja

In La Rioja there is only one method: through the Rioja Salud site of the Government of La Rioja. There are no mobile apps.

Rioja Health website

Madrid (Community of Madrid)

The community of Madrid allows you to obtain the COVID passport through the SaludMadrid Digital COVID Certificate management portal. And through the mobile through the Virtual Health Card app -which you must activate beforehand by calling 900 102 112 to do so.

SaludMadrid Health Card App for Android

SaludMadrid Health Card App for iOS

HealthMadrid website

Murcia (Murcia Region)

Murcia offers two ways to obtain the COVID certificate. You can do it from the electronic headquarters of the Region of Murcia, or if you have an account in the Patient Portal of the Murcia Salud website.

Electronic Office of the Region of Murcia

Murcia Health website: Patient Portal

Navarre (Foral Community of Navarre)

The community of Navarra allows you to obtain the certificate online using the website and mobile phone, within the Personal Health Folder section.


Basque Country

The Basque Country is another community that offers you different ways to obtain it, using the Euskadi electronic identification through IZENPE, with the health card or TIS, and without the card.

With TIS (Health Card)

Without TIS (Health Card)

With electronic signature by IZENPE