The truth behind the messages between China Suárez and Rodrigo de Paul came to light

The international scandal that has recently taken place between the player of the Argentine National Team is more than well known Rodrigo DePaul and the Argentine singer Tini Stoessel. Apparently, he had not yet separated from his wife, the model Camila Homs. Some journalists of the show assure that “they do not give the dates”.

In recent days, the journalist Maite Peñoñori confirmed that China Suarez was also involved. “A person from Rodrigo’s environment is writing to me. I asked him if he was with China. And he tells me ‘twice, at least, confirmed. One was in Madrid, and the other in Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires they were al Ombú'”, said the panelist in Intruders.

And he continued: “Whose is the Ombú? It belongs to the brother of the representative of Rodrigo dePaul, who is the husband of Ailén Bechara, Agustín (Jiménez). They went in a group and would have gone alone.” As Luli Fernández had previously commented, the player did not continue to correspond with China due to the affair of the former Casi Ángeles with Nicolás Furtado.

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“The announcement of the separation of the China and his meeting with Nico Furtado was decisive for De Paul to make a decision and make a vacuum for China. Because Rodrigo dePaul I was talking with China Suárez and with Tini Stoessel at the same time”, confirmed the panelist from Partners of the Show.

Apparently, this new scandal has been one more reason why Benjamín Vicuña decided to delete all the photos he had on his Instagram account with Suarez. “Last moment: Benjamin Vicuña deleted all the photos he had with China,” panelist Estefi Berardi announced on her Twitter account.

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