Dragon Ball Super Reveals Bardock’s New Form

Bardock, one of the most beloved characters in the saga, presents his new form in Dragon Ball Super. A truly mysterious shape!

The father of Goku, Bardockhas just presented its new transformation in Dragon Ball Super. A new transformation that has nothing to do with the concept Super Saiyan. Because the manga isn’t drawn in color, we’re going to be left wondering exactly what new form he’s gotten. However, the season has been opened for all fans to speculate on the new form of this transcendental character in the franchise of Akira Toriyama. Based on the past, surely more than one Fan Art will end up getting very close or even guessing what Bardock’s true form is like in Dragon Ball Super.

The possible canonization of the “False Super Saiyan”!

In chapter 83 of Dragon Ball Supera flashback has shown Bardock fighting the villain Gas, who is fighting in the present with Goku. After unlocking his berserker form, Goku’s father stands his ground even after taking heavy damage. Finally, he undergoes a transformation that allows him to defeat his opponent. Unfortunately, he ends up passing out as a result. Be that as it may, it is clear that Bardock has not transformed into a Super Saiyan. All things considered, his hair appears to retain most of its characteristic dark color.

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Bardock's transformation in Dragon Ball Super
Akira Toriyama manga

I might Dragon Ball Super be canonizing a variety of “False Super Saiyan”? This variety was unlocked by Goku in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug. Bardock’s son’s hair only changed slightly as “False Super Saiyan” by incorporating a reddish hue. This would work chronologically if Akira Toriyama canonized the aspect mentioned in this episode. It would make sense for Bardock to achieve “False Super Saiyan” first in Dragon Ball Super fighting Gas. Thus, later, he would become a Super Saiyan later on. Of course, the possibility is on the table.