Artists and celebrities take sides in the elections

It is not an unusual strategy for candidates to turn to nearby artists for open support. The one who has taken advantage of it the most is Gustavo Petro, who in May published a list of more than a thousand artists and intellectuals who support him and invited them to make content related to his campaign.

The most recent release is video of the actors Julián Román, Fabio Rubiano, Carolina Ramírez, Marcela Valencia, Adriana Romero and Carmenza Gómezwho claim to support the candidate, because it means more budget for culture, in addition to trying to demystify the different arguments against Petro and his vice-presidential formula.

The senator is not the only one who has received the adhesion of celebrities, Silvestre Dangond declared his support for Federico Gutiérrez at the Vallenata Legend Festival, while personalities such as John Jairo Trellez, Lucas Arnau and Marbelle have stated on social networks that they will vote for the Team Por Colombia candidate. The latter affirmed that she will leave the country after the elections, whether Gustavo Petro wins or not.

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