Everything rotted with Shakira in Spain

At 45 years of age, Shakira He has an impeccable career and his songs have been the most listened to on different streaming platforms for decades. However, apparently not everything is what it seems with the artist from Barranquilla. This was recently commented by a Spanish journalist who spoke with the Argentine program Intruders.

Javier de Hoyos commented on how the visit of the interpreter of “Ojos Así” to Spain was lived: “Right now revolutionized. Here all of Spain is paralyzed, revolutionized and everything. something happened to me with Shakira and it is that I am a great admirer but a myth has fallen to us since it arrived in Spain”.

And he continued: “Cristina Cárdenas, who was coordinator of figuration, has spoken this weekend on a Spanish program, she has told us some very strong things about Shakira. That she cannot look into her eyes. That you have to turn when she passes, that no one can have a cell phone or take a picture of her and that if a girl more exuberant than her appears, she is kicked off the set ”.

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But that’s not all: Shakira You can’t look at her, you can’t take photos of her, you can’t talk to her, you can’t talk to her, that’s strictly prohibited. She is bossy. A Shakira spot that could last four hours for the shots, we are 17 hours. The producer, the directors, everyone is in despair”.

Cárdenas concluded by commenting on intimate details of the couple from Gerard Piqué: “And if there is one that stands out more than her, he kicks her out of the shoot. She said: ‘not you, you were’, like this, pointing her finger at her. It is impossible to work with her, no one wants to go shoot with Shakira. The figuration (the extras) is bitten by disgust, the team is desperate”.

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