Schedule of “The ambassador’s daughter” this Saturday, May 7 by Nova

What is the schedule ofThe Ambassador’s Daughter”? The story of Sancar and nare It has become the favorite of the public who every week tune in to this successful Turkish production that is number one in Spain. For this Saturday, May 7, the Nova channel will broadcast a new episode where Sancar will face Menekse and complain about her attitude of wanting to harm Nare.

Originally premiered as “Sephiri Kizi“, the soap opera “The Ambassador’s Daughter” has been one of the most viewed in Turkish territory and due to its great success it managed to cross borders and reach Spain.

This important production is carried out by the renowned actors Neslihan Atagul Y Engin Akyurek who interpret nare Y Sancarrespectively.

The Ambassador’s Daughter” tells the story between nare Y Sancar, who after their separation will fight for the custody of their daughter. Fate will take them in different directions but their daughter will be the reason for their union.

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It should be noted that week after week this telenovela has managed to achieve important numbers in tune and this is not only reflected in its native Turkeybut in other countries like USA, Spain, Argentinaamong others.

The soap opera "The Ambassador
The soap opera “The Ambassador’s Daughter” is one of the most watched in Spain (Photo: O3 Medya)


For this weekend the telenovela “The Ambassador’s Daughter” will surprise his fans with an exciting chapter. In this sense, the channel Not going has announced through its programming grid what time the Turkish drama will be broadcast.

  • On Saturday May 7”The Ambassador’s Daughter” will have the schedule from 10:00 p.m. (local time) to 12:00 p.m. (local time).
For this Saturday the telenovela "The ambassador
For this Saturday the telenovela “The ambassador’s daughter” will bring great surprises to the public (Photo: O3 Medya)


Menekse tries to harm Nare

Menekse will continue to prepare his revenge to harm nare. He will also send some photos of his beloved to Sancar where, supposedly, he would be in a compromising situation with Gediz. But the man decides not to fall for that plan and assures that these images are only blackmail created to damage honor.

Menekse plans his revenge against Nare in "The Ambassador
Menekse plans his revenge against Nare in “The Ambassador’s Daughter” (Photo: O3 Medya)

Sancar tells Nare that he trusts her

Sancar goes in search of nare and, despite the photos, he indicates to his ex-wife that he trusts her as when they were a couple.

“Never again will I question your loyalty to me. I know I’ve made mistakes before, but I won’t do the same again”, said the man.

Sancar will speak with Nare in "The Ambassador
Sancar will speak with Nare in “The Ambassador’s Daughter” (Photo: O3 Medya)

Menekse is discovered

Menekse He thought his plans would work out, but he didn’t count on them. Sancar You wouldn’t believe such a story. This is how the man claims her for trying to make believe that nare I was with Gediz.

at another time, Halise draws attention to Menekse by his attitude. “I thought you were smarter and you wouldn’t do such a stupid thing, oh my god”, he points out Halise.

But the woman replies that she is also involved in that lie. “If you dare to say something bad about me, I will withdraw my support foreverHalise said.

Nare and Sancar together at the Kavruk party

On the other hand, Kavruk He has a great time during his engagement party with one of the young women in town. He also attends this event. nare and sits at the table where Sancar, Elvan Y Gediz.

But Halise He has a plan and decides to approach the young woman delicately and in front of everyone he asks her forgiveness for everything he caused her, but he doesn’t really feel it. “I hope we can start again.”Halise said.

Nare Çelebi "The Ambassador
Nare Çelebi “The Ambassador’s daughter” (Photo: Univision)