They reveal the violent behavior of Urkel’s actor in Matters of home

Jaleel White played Urkel on the family sitcom Home Affairs from 1989 to 1998.

At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st, Urkel he was a much-loved character, as he was the Winslows’ lovable but annoying neighbor. At the beginning of the home stuff series it was just a funny secondary, but little by little it gained relevance and even the actor came to play different characters.

Now the actress Jo Marie Payton who played Harriette Winslow (the mother of the family) has revealed a violent incident with Jaleel Whitethe actor Urkel.

«There was a time when he really wanted to physically fight me… There was a scene where I said we can’t do that, the standards and practices won’t let it happen, it’s not going to happen. He wanted to do it anyway… he was so angry that he started kicking and screaming and stuff… he said something about: She must want to fight melee. I said: What is a melee? He said: A fight. I turned around, if he wants to fight, he would. Darius McCrary grabbed me. I was going to spank his ass.”

Darius McCrary is the actor who played the eldest son of the family, called Eddie Winslow.

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That was the matchup.

The moment you are referring to Jo Marie Paytonis when Jaleel White he wasn’t happy that he couldn’t play the cousin “gangster” the Urkel, OGD, the way he wanted. In the same interview, Jo Marie Payton went on to explain that the rapid rise to stardom of Jaleel White may have resulted in problematic behavior on set. However, the actress explained that she, years later, sees the young man Jaleel White how “just a boy” at that moment, and it does not give “all credit” for this behavior. According to Payton, the adults around him allowed the “Family Matter” actor “running wild…doing whatever I wanted…hurting people’s feelings and all that”.

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