Final Fantasy XVI will release its trailer “soon”, although it has been delayed

That Final Fantay XVI faces the final phase of its development is something that Square Enix has already mentioned in the past. Naoki Yoshida, producer of this installment, has recently reaffirmed it in an interview with Uniqlo. A few days later, the creative has participated in a streaming dedicated to NieR: Re[in]carnation, where he has also made statements about it. According to her own words (Aitaikimochi translation on Twitter), the trailer should be out soon.

The video is already finished, but some factors have prevented the announcement from being made in the stipulated time, so it has been delayed. Regarding the development of the game itself, Yoshida has pointed out that the development team has been immersed for a long time in polish the product to eliminate bugs: This process is still going on. Thus, the development is practically finished. What he hasn’t revealed is a date, or even a more general release window.

Spring news?

In a message sent by Yoshida himself at the end of 2021, the developer indicated that the intention was to present news in spring 2022. However, he did not specify a more specific date, so we will have to wait until Square Enix decides to move on. definitely. From the beginning, the Japanese producer has maintained a cautious attitude when providing information, because you do not want to cause expectations that are far from reality or false.

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Final Fantasy XVI was announced during one of the PlayStation 5 launch events. After the event, there was some confusion, as the trailer highlighted that the game would also see the light of day on PC. In the end, Square Enix has admitted thate is a temporary exclusive for Sony’s new generation machine. In this article you can read everything we know so far about video games: their characters, their world, their history and their context.

Final Fantasy celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.

Fuente | Aitaikimochi (Twitter)