Iván Cabrera presents his most playful and sexy show this Saturday with the GOLDNBOYZ and with the participation of Antonella Ríos

This Saturday the GOLDNBOYZ will guide you through this dance show, they will make your temperature rise and you will always want more.

The sexy dances by Ivan “Potro” Cabreratogether with a group of young and talented national dance, strip dance and acrobatic performers, who will definitely make the entire audience vibrate.

The male Strip Bar that will make people talk and will heat up Santiago nights with daring and heated presentations throughout this interactive show.

The GOLDNBOYZ team will be at the service of the guests and will guide them throughout the experience, starting with a pre-show that will surprise them, to continue with the “Magic Mike” show in which you will be a fundamental part.

Besides, Antonella Rios the owner of the bar, will animate, will take the reins of the show and will be the accomplice of her friends, the assistants.

The cast of GOLDNBOYZ is a group of outstanding artists who will motivate and seduce the guests throughout the entire show. They are the sexiest and most talented boys in the country who with their dances, strip dances and acrobatics will delight and make the lucky attendees vibrate.

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Ivan Cabreranational dancer and participant in various local television programs, along with the multifaceted, histrionic and stupendous Antonella Rioswill guide you through this sexy show where you will have permission to mess up, fulfill your most daring dreams and discover your wildest side, along with Marlon Fuentes, Luciano Copelli, Pipe Román and Ernesto Bravo, outstanding dancers participating in the national program “Here you Dance”.

Where and when to see the GOLDNBOYZ?

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