Noelia declares war on ‘Only Fans’ with her new adult content platform

Singer Noelia Lorenzo Monge The 42-year-old is a phenomenon on social networks and in recent times he dedicated himself to promoting on his Instagram account, where he accumulates more than two million followers from all latitudes, the adult content he produced for the subscription platform ‘Only Fans’.

There are several artists and models who turned to ‘Only Fans’ to offer differentiated material, one of them is the former weather girl Janet Garcia. But now Noelia has decided to open a new adult content platform called Celebriffy and it is precisely the one that competes with the one that made her famous.

It was the same singer Noelia who explained the reasons on the social network of the camera and said: “Every step I have taken with the platforms has been full of sacrifices, sleeplessness, hard studies, tears, hope, but all with the FAITH that one day it would be on the way to be a world-class technology company”.

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“Celebriffy will be one of the smallest Global Social Network Companies for now, but it is its own Code and we will continue to grow. There are already more than 5 Million Users and we are going for much more,” he added. Noelia before those who criticize her for this new strategy of selling adult content on the internet.

Finally, Noelia He added: “Everything is possible in this life, especially if most people bet on your failure, because that is the best gasoline to succeed. If you believe in yourself, it is all you need to get there. #Noelia. 5 Million users on”

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