Amber Heard puts JK Rowling in the trial against Johnny Depp

In a turn of events, the trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has spilled over into JK Rowling, the creator of Harry Potter.

the judgment of Amber Heard for defamation after being accused by Johnny Depp has started hearing the defense this week. The actress of DC Extended Universewhich might not end up appearing in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom according to the latest rumours, he has revealed under oath many accusations of physical abuse. She has done it on the stand. Surprisingly, she has included a story involving a yacht that her ex-husband apparently sold to JK Rowlingauthor of Harry Potter.

This has been seen in the streaming of Court TV. According to Amber Heard’s testimony, Johnny Depp was about to sell his yacht to JK Rowling, with whom he later worked on Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. However, he was not taking it well at all. “Johnny was pissed because he had to sell his yacht and he was out of his mind again. He didn’t want to tell his children, so he hid it from her. […] He was upset, emotionally unstable. She dealt with it only by drinking. He just didn’t have an off button. He continued to drink and his behavior became more and more drunk ».

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What happened on that yacht that the actor sold?

On the other hand, Amber Heard also said that she, Johnny Depp, their children and another assistant went out to sea to bid farewell to the ship that she was about to sell to JK Rowling. The actress claimed that the actor began to drink heavily and hid it from small children. Apparently, they were all jumping into the water and having a good time, until he jumped in a way that he didn’t like at all.

“It seemed a bit scary the way his body fell into the water. Lily-Rose started to cry and then almost had a panic attack. She was breathing fast, she was asking a lot of questions. I hugged her, tried to comfort her. Johnny came in and in a few seconds I realized that he changed his tone with me and seemed very pissed off »Amber Heard explained about what happened in the since Johnny Depp sold JK Rowling.

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“Johnny Depp asked Lily-Rose to leave,” Amber Heard went on to explain. “Then, he started accusing me that he had ratted him out and that he had called him drunk in front of his children. I hadn’t done that. Actually, he was trying to protect him. He had no right to share that information with his daughter or anyone else at the time.” So what happened to JK Rowling’s future yacht? “Johnny threw me against the wall. He grabbed me by the neck and held me there. He told me that he could kill me and that I was a shame », sentenced the actress of Mera in it DCEU.