Why they call Doctor Strange 2… Evil Dead 4!

Fans of director Sam Raimi say that the movie Doctor Strange 2 could be considered as Evil Dead 4.

Attention SPOILERS. Marvel Studios has trusted Sam Raimi to make Doctor Strange 2 and this director is famous for the trilogy of Spider-Man and the saga Evil Dead (Infernal Possession). Now, it looks like those superhero and horror stories have come together to form the Sorcerer Supreme sequel.

The movie Doctor Strange 2 has many references to Evil Dead and that is why the fans of that horror saga are delighted, but the problem is that there will be many other viewers who will not understand some things that will happen on the screen.

We compiled some reactions to fans who have already seen the movie (contains SPOILERS):

  • Doctor Strange 2 is just a new Evil Dead movie.
  • Watching this movie was like traveling back in time. I remember seeing EVIL DEAD for the first time and ARMY OF DARKNESS and SPIDER-MAN 3. It was so joyful to see echoes of all those memories in a new Sam Raimi movie. For two hours I was a child again.
  • It’s an unexpected horror movie where Sam Raimi gets an incredibly expensive budget to remake “Evil Dead II.” The Darkhold replaces the Necronomicon, but that doesn’t stop Bruce Campbell from showing up for his much-appreciated cameo.
  • If you’re not a fan of Sam Raimi (or at least not familiar with EVIL DEAD), then good luck with this movie.
  • Sam Raimi is a fucking legend for directing Doctor Strange 2. The close-ups, close-ups, camera angles, jumpscares, Bruce Campbell, and aesthetics all remind me of Evil Dead 2, and that’s pure Sam. This movie really felt different!
  • Doctor Strange has a lot of Evil Dead energy. I loved almost every minute of it, except for the first credits scene. The second was perfect.
  • I’m glad all these nerds are disappointed because it’s not what they think. I got a Marvel version of Evil Dead and I’m satisfied!
  • Doctor Strange 2, or what I’ll call it, Evil Dead 4, is pretty fun. You should probably check it out if you’re a fan of Sam Raimi.
  • It’s basically Evil Dead 4 with Marvel characters instead.
  • Just finished Evil Dead 4, the movie was perfect, thanks Sam Raimi.
  • It is fair to say that I enjoyed: «Disney Presents: Evil Dead 4″.
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Doctor Strange 2 It opens on May 6, 2022. Do you think it could really be considered Evil Dead 4? Leave us your comments below.