David Ayer to Direct Jason Statham’s Bizarre Action Movie

Jason Statham has a weird action movie on the horizon starring a beekeeper. The director will be David Ayer himself!

David Yesterdayknown for his work on suicide squad (2016), will direct Jason Statham in the strange action movie titled The Bee Keeper. The actor accepted the role last year after being offered Miramax. The studio is working with Kurt Wimmer (Salt, Equilibrium) to review the script. The story has been described as “a fast-paced, deeply immersive thriller into the mythology of beekeeping.” The truth is that beekeeping has very little to do with the action genre, hence the unconventional nature of the project. At the moment, Jason Statham is the only confirmed star in The Bee Keeper. However, production won’t start until late summer. There is still time.

As reported Deadline exclusively, David Ayer has been selected as the person in charge of directing The Bee Keeper. This will be the first time that the filmmaker and Jason Statham have collaborated on a project. Both have made a name for themselves making thrillers and action movies, so the tandem seems to be in line with what Kurt Wimmer’s script calls for. Miramax is expected to buy the idea The Bee Keeper in it Cannes Film Festival, at the end of this month. Therefore, the production would quickly jump into action. Taking into account the director and the protagonist, it will not take long to sell.

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A very curious tandem for an equally curious film!

We will soon see Jason Statham in The Mercenaries 4 y Operation Fortune: The Great Hoaxfilm of Guy Ritchie. The actor is also currently filming the sequel to Megalodón, a blockbuster that grossed more than 500 million dollars worldwide in 2018. Surely, David Ayer’s raw aesthetic fits with the physique of the Hollywood star. The mixture of The Bee Keeper, together with its theme, will be very curious. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to anything later.