Sheyla Rojas and her boyfriend are getting ready to be parents: What treatments would the model undergo to get pregnant?

Sheyla Rojas dreams of becoming a mother for the second time. In a recent interview with the “América Hoy” program, the model revealed that she plans to have twins with her Mexican boyfriend, Luis Miguel Galarza Muro, popularly known as Sir Winston.

The former television host confessed that she plans to undergo treatment to conceive her twins. “Yes (I will have a treatment). In fact, I’m excited because it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. There is a possibility, thanks to technologyto be able to have a pregnancy process with much more care”, Said the model, who is in Paris with her son Antoñito and Antonio Pavón, in addition to Joi Sánchez, the Spaniard’s girlfriend.

Likewise, the Peruvian model was excited because on her return to Mexico she will have her first appointment with the doctor who will help her get pregnant.

“I would like both of them to be men, or a man and a girl. Returning to Guadalajara (Mexico) I have an appointment with the doctor, so he can explain it to me. I’m happy, let it be what God wants. There are things that are not as easy as you think, but hopefully everything goes as planned”, emphasized.

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Magaly Medina had already advanced it

In the Monday, May 2 edition of “Magaly TV: La Firme”, Magaly Medina announced that in her recent meeting with Sheyla Rojas, she told him that, together with her boyfriend, businessman Sir Winston, they would be about to start a treatment to become parents.

“Sheyla told us at a table that we were having lunch, that returning from her trip to Spain, she and her boyfriend were already preparing to have a baby. They were going to start going to the doctor to have the necessary care and have the treatments because apparently they want to have a female daughter, “ revealed the popular ‘Urraca’.

At that time, the model told the ATV figure that she wanted a girl. “They want a girl, they don’t want a little man. They are going to go to the specialists to make that dream come true. Now medical science can prepare an embryo, choose the sex you want, prepare it in the laboratory and implant it in you”, Medina assured. However, this May 4, Sheyla announced that her wish is to have a couple.

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What treatments could the model and influencer undergo?

Then it is confirmed that the model will undergo treatment to become a mother again. Among the ‘Shey Shey’ options are in vitro fertilization, insemination and egg donation, as they are the methods most used by women. Next, you will find details of what each of them is about.

  • IVF: The method involves removing eggs from the ovaries and fertilizing them with sperm in a laboratory, where they develop as embryos. A doctor then places the embryos into the uterus.
  • Insemination: tries to deposit a semen sample inside the uterus during the woman’s ovulation. The sample can be either from the partner or from a donor. The ovarian stimulation process usually lasts between eight and ten days.
  • Egg donation: better known as egg donation.

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