Why Sebastián Caicedo, husband of Carmen Villalobos, was not happy despite having everything

He achieved fame with “Without breasts there is no paradise” and “The Lord of the Skies”, but he feels that peace is only now. Sebastian Caicedothe Colombian actor and husband of the actress carmen villalobos, pointed out that he lives a very happy present thanks to the substantial change he has made in his personal life. In an interview through Instagram, with the Spanish actress and presenter Mar Saura, popularly known as “El Toasted” Yepes -for his role in “The Lord of the heavens”- explained what this transformation consists of.

The 40-year-old Colombian model has been in the television industry for a decade, during which time he has participated in more than a dozen soap operas and a couple of reality shows, but since 2008, with his role in the American soap opera “Sin breasts there is no paradise” -a Colombian production for Telemundo-, managed to enter the spectrum of the most watched leading men and actors in Latin America.

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This exhibition was consolidated when he gave life, from 2014 to 2016, to Eleazar Yepes, one of the main characters of the famous novel “The Lord of the Skies”. With that consecration, television and advertising projects did not stop appearing, but in his personal life his joys also appeared. In 2019 he married actress Carmen Villalobos, with whom he already had a 10-year relationship. That is to say, a life full of success on a professional and personal level, but that, in the words of Sebastián Caicedo himself, did not fill him completely.

The artist is in a process of spiritual growth at the hands of his teacher "Papa Jaime" (Photo: Sebastián Caicedo / Instagram)
The artist is in a process of spiritual growth at the hands of his teacher “Papa Jaime” (Photo: Sebastián Caicedo / Instagram)


Carmen Villalobos’s husband has been working for a few months on a renewal and personal search. This was pointed out and explained in the Instagram live that he had with Mar Saura, the Catalan model who interviewed him to learn in depth what this change is about that Sebastián Caicedo himself has been spreading through his social networks.

“Sometimes we take paths that are not good and take us away from that spirituality. I have nothing against people who like to party, alcohol, but that kind of thing takes us away from the spiritual part “began by pointing live to the surprise and intrigue of his followers.

“I had this awakening of conscience when I was 40 years old, I was not happy with the life I led, even though I led a perfect life in the eyes of others, famous, some believe that with a lot of money, it is not so much, married with a wonderful woman, a very famous actress… so, how are people going to imagine that this boy is going to want a break in his life and rediscover his happiness and self-esteem? It is in this process that I am in right now.”he explained.

The spiritual change that Caicedo refers to involves not only helping oneself, but also helping others. A project based on his faith and his love for God. “What good is money, fame, recognition when inside we are empty, when inside we are alone?… It is a path that I have always chosen from the hand of God who is my faith”he added.

The Colombian actor during the interview on Instagram with the Spanish model Mar Saura (Photo: Sebastián Caicedo / Instagram)
The Colombian actor during the interview on Instagram with the Spanish model Mar Saura (Photo: Sebastián Caicedo / Instagram)


Sebastián Caicedo does not walk on his own in this spiritual and faith search, because he has a spiritual teacher and mentor. This was announced by the artist himself in a later publication on Instagram, where he thanks God for knowing him.

“Diosito always sends us his little angels. Thank you my @papa.jaime for appearing in my way!! And as you say: never, never, never stop dreaming”Caicedo wrote. And what do you think Carmen Villalobos about it? The also Colombian has been in favor of this change in her husband and with emoticons of hands up and her spirituality has given her her absolute support. That is, they walk hand in hand.

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