Nathy Peluso filled the Caupolicán and embraced her audience with an impressive show

Nathy Peluso appeared at the Caupolicán Theater this Thursday, May 5, as part of her Calambre Tour 2022 tour, and broke it in Santiago de Chile.

The show presented by Nathy Peluso in Santiago de Chile is an incredible experience. And the audience that filled the Caupolicán enjoyed and sang along to each of the songs on the Calambre album, released in 2020.

Peluso came on stage after 9:00 p.m. and the public exploded with a show built in a very simple way, which is appreciated, because everything was concentrated on the power of the voice of Nathy Peluso who overflowed in dance, sensuality, performance and of course putting her beautiful and powerful voice at the service of a repertoire that crossed styles such as rock, hiphop, bathed and bachata to offer a unique proposal.

Songs from the album Cramp as Famous were merged with other famous singles, such as gangster, as well as the version of To live like this is to die of love, the cover of Camilo Sesto’s classic that Nathy Peluso brought back for its more urban version.

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One of the things that stands out is that the assembly is very careful and at the same time very simple. But each object and each camera is at the service of an artistic proposal that fits perfectly. And it is that Nathy Peluso achieves a show of great power without using any loud element.

With a laborious performance and without any stridency, Peluso leaves everyone with full energy and with the satisfaction of having seen a memorable show.

female power in Muscle cramp is placed as the protagonist in all its magnitude, making it very clear in passing that with an honest and powerful voice, with good songs and with a lot of work on stage, the perfect formula is achieved to present a shoy and, in addition, it is the best way to connect and give back to the public.

That was what Nathy Peluso did on the Santiago night for all of us who were lucky enough to see her. An experience that ended up being a virtuous complicity with her followers.

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