Doctor Strange 2 confirms its budget… What a fortune!

What has been the budget of Doctor Strange 2? Marvel Studios has confirmed the money it has invested in the Sorcerer Supreme sequel.

As reported Variety exclusively, the budget of Doctor Strange 2 It has been 200 million dollars. At least, only what is production. Keep in mind that this is the approximate budget of the sequel to the Sorcerer Supreme directed by Sam Raimi. It would be necessary to add the investment in marketing and advertising made by Marvel Studios. This investment is usually around in superhero movies between 100 and 150 million dollars more. Come on… It’s been a real pasture!

The budget of Doctor Strange 2 is quite similar to what the studio usually invests in the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In fact, it is the most common budget in blockbusters, especially in superhero movies. Between 100 and 200 million dollars is usually around the money that a Hollywood studio pays for a blockbuster like this. To give you an idea, the money for this multiversal event starring Benedict Cumberbatch y Elizabeth Olsen is similar to the amount you invested Warner Bros. Pictures for The Batman.

35 million more than the first film!

The last Marvel Studios movie before Doctor Strange 2not counting Spider-Man: No Way Home which was co-produced with Sony Pictures EntertainmentIt was Eternals. the tape of The Eternals directed by Chloé Zhao it had a budget exactly identical to that of the Sorcerer Supreme film. Therefore, we are talking about an honestly similar investment to the last of the study. However, the expectations with this premiere are much higher than with Eternals in box office.

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On the other hand, the budget of the first film of Stephen Strange It was 165 million dollars. Therefore, the money it has cost Doctor Strange 2 35 million more than the previous installment. A bigger investment, but also a capital management of resources compared to the first chapter of the Sorcerer Supreme’s adventures. In short, a fortune invested by Marvel Studios that will surely be recovered in just a couple of weeks, as is usual in the UCM.