Facundo González, Cielo Torres and other celebrities promoted a company accused of fraud

More than 50 people reported having been scammed by a company dedicated to the sale of cell phones, the same one that was promoted by various characters from the local show business, according to a revealing report from “Magaly TV: The Firm”.

Facundo González, Cielo Torres, Sebastián Lizarzaburu, Sandro Solar and María Grazia Polanco were some of the figures who promoted the “Inewphone Store” page through their Instagram stories, without imagining that this company would be accused of scamming dozens of people.

According to the program conducted by Magaly Medinabehind this company would be Franccesca Alessandra Chiotti Guzmán, name that appears on the bank deposits made by the buyers. The total amount of the deposits would amount to 87 thousand soles.

A team from the ATV space went to the address that appears on your file from the ReniecHowever, in the place they pointed out that he no longer lives there.

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The influencers who promoted were also consulted about this case, however, they all agree that they only complied with advertising in exchange for accessories or cash as part of their work.

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