Glenn Close is now an international spy

Tamar Rabinyan is an agent of the Mossad, the Israeli Institute of Intelligence and Special Operations, who arrives in Tehran, the capital of Iran, to hack the country’s aerial radars and allow the Israeli Air Force to blow up a nuclear power plant. The idea is almost inconceivable, when it is known that Israelis and Iranians are sworn enemies, and the latter country has so many social restrictions that foreigners are very few and draw a lot of attention. Tamar is selected because she was born in Iran, but her family emigrated soon and she settled in Israel, she knows Farsi, but she speaks it with an accent, and she will have to camouflage herself, with the help of other infiltrated agents to achieve the mission. her. That’s the plot of the first season of Tehran, an Israeli Apple TV+ production directed by Daniel Syrkin and written by Dana Eden.

The idea of ​​the creators was to build bridges between the two countries and put themselves in the shoes of their enemies, so they had to investigate Iran and build characters of that nationality, with whom they could empathize. It was not about creating flat enemies, but conflicts and nuances that made one doubt between who is good and who is bad, or rather, realize that individuals can be virtuous, but the institutions to which they respond are corrupt.

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Three languages ​​are spoken in the series: English, Farsi and Hebrew. The protagonist, Niv Sultan, had to learn Farsi for her role, as did the renowned actress Glenn Close, who will be part of the second season that premieres on Friday, May 6. The series was filmed in Athens, which was a challenge because, although it is structurally similar to Tehran, the Iranian capital is less colorful and, for example, there is no graffiti. “The mayor was happy with us, because we painted where we recorded and when we came back for the second season, the walls were still clean,” Eden said.

In the second season, a glimpse of another face of the regime is achieved, as Tamar must infiltrate the world of the sons of the elite. A group that enjoys privileges that no one else in the country has, like having co-ed pool parties, drinking alcohol, using drugs, racing cars down the highways, and posting it on Instagram. “A new world of young people, that no one has seen from Iran,” Syrkin said.

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The series was leaked in the eastern country and the creators received some positive feedback regarding its truthfulness, it was even discussed in parliament, of course, to their disapproval. The first season won the International Emmy Award for best dramatic series, a boost for the second that is closer to the international market, with much more action, dramatic twists and Hollywood star Glenn Close, with whom EL COLOMBIANO spoke in a meeting with international press.

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