Woman With Diabetes Brings Insulin Syringe To Work, Manager Thinks It’s Drugs And Almost Calls The Police

In today’s world, millions of people suffer from diabetes, which manifests itself for various reasons depending on the variant of the disease that one suffers from. Abby Gebo, a woman from the USA, you need to inject yourself with insulin to control your illness; however, when his boss found one of his syringes among his personal belongings, he thought it was something bad and reacted in the worst way. Their history made trend in social media how TikTokwhere users empathized with his story.

Through your personal account @thegebosour protagonist tried to recreate the conversation with the manager of her work center when he came across the aforementioned syringe.

The video that has more than 80 thousand reproductionshas as a description: “Diabetic story time”but on the tape she revealed that the aforementioned manager told another employee that, given the discovery, it was better to call the police, but first he was going to find out what the matter was. syringe what did you find.

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The girl reveals that the subject then consulted with another employee about who owned the backpack where he noticed this object, but soon, Gebo said it was his, to which the superior said that “I expected better” her.

Our protagonist felt confused with the subject’s assertions, he even asked her if he was taking drugs: “Do I look like I’m on drugs?”, she replied showing her annoyance. However, her manager demanded that she explain why she carries a syringe among her belongings.

It is then that the young woman explained that she suffers from diabetes, the manager was unaware of this information. But he stated that his niece also suffers from this disease, but that she uses pumps to give insulin.

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“Okay, I can’t wait to sue him, but some people can’t afford pumps and have to use vials and syringes.”explained Abby in TikTok.

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But, this did not end here, because, far from believing it, the manager asked him to prove that he uses the syringes for the diabetes. She assures that she knows that he has no obligation to prove anything to the subject, but so that the problem does not escalate, she decided to show him the syringe and ampoules together. “You’re lucky, but I’m watching you”was the subject’s response.

Gebo He highlighted that the manager told him that everything he said had the intention of ensuring that none of his subordinates fell into drug use; however, all this had an unexpected reaction: “And that was the day I quit”.

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After telling what happened, the users of TIkTok They did not miss the opportunity to react and advise the young woman: “You would have involved Human Resources. It is illegal to search your personal belongings.”, “Why were they going through your things? What the hell?”, “I want to know why they were searching your bag”.

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Also comments from Internet users who suffer from diabetes: “As someone whose mother is diabetic, this happens to us quite often. Because my mom uses syringes, many waitresses almost called the police until my mom and I explained that she is a type 1 diabetic, that it is insulin, that she needs it to survive.”, “I was with my ex-husband and he went to inject himself before dinner at a restaurant; the next table stayed with the open ones, they said ‘there are children here’, ‘this is inappropriate’”, “The police called me for injecting insulin in public. Because I am skinny and diabetics are not skinny”.