Flavio César reappears and reveals why he left TV more than 20 years ago

“Speaking to you with an open heart, the desire to appear on television and to be an artist and all that, it was not something that I wanted, it was more my father’s desire. He wanted to be an artist on Mexican television, he could never be , he was never given the opportunities. When he realized that I sang, he began to promote my career, “he assured.

It was thanks to his success ‘In each song’ that the producer Luis de Llano offered him to star Pink Shoelacesdespite the fact that “he had never acted or taken classes”, but that was not an impediment, since Martinthe character’s name, was exactly like him.

Flavio Caesar
Flavio Caesar

“You don’t have to act because you’re going to be yourself in the soap opera,” the producer told the singer at the time, he recalled. “All the songs Martin sings are going to be the ones you’re releasing on Sony, so it suits you because they’re going to see you everywhere,” he said. Flavio about how they convinced him to act.

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In 1998 he enjoyed professional success, but despite “having everything” he was not happy and a person who came into his life made him yearn for the peace he wanted. “A person comes to my office with a Bible with his tie. At that time, honestly, I never liked Christians, at that time I could not see them, but not even in painting,” he confessed with a laugh.



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