‘La Chola Puca’: the outrageous audios that show that the father of her son assaults her

Susan Cristán, better known as ‘The Chola Puca’, Pablo Sánchez, the father of his son, denounces again. The comic actress showed evidence of the verbal attacks that she has been receiving from her ex-husband.

The program “Magaly TV: La Firme” broadcast the outrageous audios, where Sánchez describes the mother of his son as “stinky” and “serrana”.

“Are you red? You’re not red, well, daughter, you’re Indian. That is what you are. You stinking, filthy Indian, that’s what you are. A filthy serrana, that’s what you are, right? Never forget that roe**”, Pablo Sánchez said in one of the audios.

“Kill yourself, jump out the window. Go to your farm, to your land with your family. Here in Lima no one needs you”is heard in another of the outrageous audios.

The constant verbal attacks of Pablo Sánchez towards Susan Cristán occur in the middle of the legal process for the possession of his youngest son.

“You will always be a filthy serrana. That’s your offspring, that’s your race, that’s what you are, a disgusting one because that’s how you’ve wanted to live your whole life. That’s who you are… and my son is not going to grow up with a disgusting one.” It was another of Pablo Sánchez’s offenses against Susan Cristán.

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Susan Cristán lives tormented by the father of her son and even pointed out that Pablo disrespected her mother. He has been reported for assault since 2021 and she has protection measures, but Sánchez continues to attack her.

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