Hold your breath before knowing who was Marité Matus’s first love, which was not Arturo Vidal

Marite Matus Y Arturo vidal they were married for 10 years and had three children: Alonso, Elizabetta and Emiliano. Despite being separated, their bond remains strong, not only for the sake of their children but also for the love that remained from their marriage. They constantly show their appreciation for each other on social media.

so he did Marite Last Thursday, May 5, when he made his support public in his Instagram stories in the scandal and economic betrayal that the King is experiencing. The influencer published a photo of the television where the news of her ex-husband and father of her children was seen with a heartfelt message: “Time puts everything in its place. Sooner or later everything comes out and will come to light. I believe and trust the truth, and karma exists.”

Prior to that message, Marite also made a greeting through the network of the little camera. “Happy birthday to my first love,” he wrote next to a photo of her hugging and kissing one of her greatest idols on the cheek: Argentine singer Pablo Ruiz. In addition, she accompanied the message with an emoji of a face with a drop of sweat on her forehead and a red heart.

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the ex of Arturo vidal She did not expect the artist to share her story on her own Instagram but she did, so she reposted it again with the text “I can die in peace”, along with some emojis of faces crying with laughter.

It is that the Argentine was very important in the life of Matus. Let us remember that in November 2016, he resumed his career with a pre-launch with the “Heart Tour” where he visited Chile, among other places. In addition to the fact that in 2020 he participated in MasterChef Celebrity and was the fourth eliminated.

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