Was a former congressman who dated Yahaira preventing Pancho Rodríguez’s return to Peru? This reality boy said

The Chilean Pancho Rodríguez was linked this Thursday with the program “Amor y Fuego” and surprised the drivers after denouncing that a man with a lot of political influence would be blocking his entry into our country.

“The question we ask ourselves is who it is. What man with power is behind not to enter our country, who has run money under the table, bribery “, ‘Peluchín’ pointed out before beginning the interview with Rodríguez.

The former member of “This is War” refused to give the name of the person who would be preventing his return to Peru; however, he ruled out that it is about Jefferson Farfán.

“Rodrigo, Gigi, how are you? Due to a legal issue I cannot give names today. However, I am going to tell you a little bit about the story because it also came out that they were naming a person, I am not naming anyone”, explained at the beginning.

Was the man who prevents your entry to Peru outgoing Yahaira Plasencia?

At the insistence of the hosts of the entertainment program, Pancho revealed that the man he was referring to is a former congressman. When asked if it was a protrusion from Yahaira Plasencia, Pancho did not want to confirm it.

“They told me, from the beginning, that behind what had happened to me there was a man with a lot of political influence, that he hated me for a situation. I had not believed things, but then I started to think and put the cards together. Last year I was dating a girl, and they told me to be careful.” he explained.

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“They told me to be careful because she is dating a politician, I found out and confronted her. This person pretended to be offended, we fought for about two weeks and then time passes and that’s when all the chips begin to fit”, followed. “To be more exact, this person is a former congressman and I don’t know why he took it out on me, this is a matter of egos, I didn’t get involved in anything, it’s not that they were made official,” he added.

What caught the attention is that when Rodrigo and Gigi asked him to rule out that Yahaira Plasencia is involved, the Chilean replied: “I can’t rule out any names for you.”

The warrior assured that, despite having ended her romance, she still maintains a good relationship with the fighter and sees nothing wrong with continuing to frequent him.