Moon Knight has confirmed one of Marvel’s biggest secrets

Marvel Studios has many secrets, but one of them has been revealed thanks to Moon Knight. It has to do with the tone of the MCU.

In an interview given to The Directthe screenwriter and supervising producer of moon knight, Beau DeMayotalked about the darkness of the series Marvel Studios. In fact, he revealed one of the biggest mysteries in the MCU. Are they really open to telling darker stories? Apparently, they’ve always been doing it, from day one. That is its great mystery. The way they hide the tones, even though the stories go much further. And they never back down, whatever the reason.

“If you look closely at the emotional tragedy of Avengers: Endgame, you realize that Marvel Studios has already gone to some pretty dark places. A darkness that pushed the boundaries of what kids are used to seeing in these superhero stories.” “For us, it was always a matter of making sure we were doing that darkness because it benefited the story. The plot had to be aware of the morality of the actions. If Marc viciously attacked a group of thugs, viewers didn’t necessarily have to think that was cool. In that sense, Steven functioned as a kind of moral barometer that guided the audience. That way he didn’t feel like gratuitous violence or darkness.”

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The studio gave total freedom to the writers of the series!

However, in The Direct they wanted to ask the screenwriter of moon knight if Marvel Studios stepped in at any point to warn them that they were pushing the limits. “Not at all,” denied Beau DeMayo. “I have to admit that Jeremy Slater really hired a group of writers that, in my view, is the best team I’ve ever worked with in this industry. Fortunately, Jeremy Slater asked himself the same questions we did. We never got to a point where the show’s producers got involved in the project and warned us that we were getting too dark.”