Tesla plans to expand its first European factory, in Germany, by acquiring 100 more hectares of land

Tesla could be planning the expansion of its first European electric car manufacturing plant called Giga Berlin (or Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg), located in the German municipality of Grünheide, says a report from RBBwho claims to have obtained the information through official circles.

To carry out the project, Elon Musk’s company would seek to acquire a piece of land of about 100 hectares, located to the east of the existing property, whose surface is equivalent to 300 hectares. According to the German media, the plot would be used for the construction of a charging station and storage areas.

The area where they intend to carry out the expansion is located between the RE1 railway line and the L23 and L38 state highways, a factor that could be of great use to Tesla, since the company had stated in 2020 that the majority of supplier products would reach the European plant by train. Likewise, he said that the same means of transport would be used to make the transfers of the manufactured vehicles.

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The report indicates that the price of the area that Tesla wants to buy, equivalent to approximately 140 soccer fields and owned by the state of Brandenburg, has not yet been determined. However, calculations suggest that if the state authorities decide to sell the land to Musk’s company at the same price per square meter that they charged him for the first 300 hectares, the value of the plot would be around 13 million euros (about $13,630,000).

However, if Tesla acquires the land, before starting to build it will need the municipal permission of Grünheide, and all the authorities must agree to the construction plan. For their part, citizens and associations also have the right to speak and since the 100 hectares include a water protection area, the execution of the project could generate some controversy.