Microsoft wants its hololens to work inside cars

Augmented reality is still not very integrated into the lives of users, or at least it is not usually used as extensively as many companies want. Smartphones are the first contact with this technology, but it is a fact that many companies have their own devices with which they work wonders. This is the case of the Hololens, a device that Redmond company wants it to work even inside cars.

Hololens could work inside cars

Cars are very important when it comes to getting around and drivers can also take great advantage of this technology. Some vehicles already do without a clock box on the dashboard to put everything on a screen where you can check any basic parameter of the car such as speed or revolutions.

But this is where augmented reality has a lot to say, especially thanks to the use of las Hololens Microsoft is already well known in the automotive sector and is capable of putting its viewer at the service of the workers of each firm for a much more effective job in every way.

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However, this time it has teamed up with Volkswagen with the aim that it be the users who take advantage of the Hololens inside the cars. From what the firm says on its blog, the first versions were not very functional for the reason that users were dizzy with the headphones.

The most modern versions don’t just put the information inside the display devices. The idea that the dashboard is to become a fundamental part to project information on the front window so that users get all the information they need in real time in front of them. This will appear in the form of a hologram with which it is possible to see indications from pedestrian crossings to arrows that will indicate where you have to follow your route to reach your destination.

The project is still in an early phase, but the images that have been shared show a clear intention of the German manufacturer to include cutting-edge technology in its cars.