What it’s like to work with Cansu Dere in “Unfaithful”, according to Nazlı Bulum

Unfaithful” is currently one of the most successful Turkish soap operas that has crossed borders. Its interesting story has permeated the public, capturing a reality that affects many families and is played by great actors, who put their all into the recordings. Precisely what will it be like to work with Case Dere? Nazlı Bulum, dear Nil, tells us about it.

Nazlı Bulum, who plays the character of Nil in “Sadakatsiz”, talked about her experience in the TV series and what it is like to work with her partners. In fiction, she is a friend of Dr. Asya and has been the girlfriend of Selçuk Dağcı, played by Taro Emir Tekin.

“Sadakatsiz” was released in Turkey on October 7, 2020 and quickly managed to become a success on Kanal D before migrating to other countries, such as Spain. Part of her success is discipline, says Nazli, who then gives details of what it’s like to work with Casu Dere, who plays Asya, Volkan’s ex-wife, who left her for Derin, a woman he can’t stand now.


The actress Nazlı Bulum said that she has been enjoying her character Nil a lot, with whom she has similarities such as loyalty, and that she has learned a lot in the recordings of “Unfaithful”. The young woman reveals that she has been a great experience working with great actors like Caner Cindoruk, Burak Sergen, Berkay Ateş and Cansu Dere.

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Precisely, about Cansu Dere, with whom her character shares more scenes because they are great friends, she said the following. “My main partners in the series are Cansu and Taro (Selçuk Dağcı.). Cansu Dere taught me a lot.” told in an interview with the media Hurriyet.

“(Cansu) is one of the most disciplined actors I have ever seen. He has given me a great sense of trust from the first day we met. It is very inspiring to see that you can have such energy. This energy continues when you act together and you can establish a very strong partnership right away.”added the actress.

Bulum mentioned that after the series ends, “I will always remember the support of her and our directors Neslihan Yeşilyurt and Merve Çolak, one of our screenwriters Dilara Pamuk, who has been weaving the story for two seasons, and our production team, who was there for every need”.

Cansu Dere in a scene with Nazli Bulum in "Unfaithful" (Photo: Med yapim)
Cansu Dere in a scene with Nazli Bulum in “Unfaithful” (Photo: Med yapim)


Cansu Dere, is a well-loved actress inside and outside of Turkey who became known for her leading roles in the successful soap operas “Madre” and “Infiel”. She was born in Ankara on October 14, 1980, so in 2021.

At first, I had a very different career planned than being an actress. She studied Archeology at Istanbul University. He studied for two years and, in 2004, his life changed drastically to devote himself to art.

In this way, Dere planned to study and become an archaeologist until a modeling agency invited her to participate in the Miss Turkey, in 2000, and came in third place among the finalists. She began to work in important firms but the performance It was another opportunity that he did not miss in 2004.