Miss Peru 2022: Liseth Guevara resigns from the beauty pageant after controversial accusations

The model Liseth Guevara decided to step aside from the Miss Peru 2022 beauty pageant after she was accused of theft and lying about her studies and other things on social networks.

The news was confirmed by Jessica Newton, who in her Instagram story shared a video in which she specified that they accepted Guevara’s resignation. In addition, she wished him luck on his way and thanked the support of the fans of the event.

“Hello everyone. I’m here to let you know that today (Wednesday, May 4) we have accepted Liseth Guevara’s resignation from the Miss Peru 2022 competition. We understand her reasons and wish her the best of luck. To all of you, thank you very much for supporting us in the national competition”, expressed the organizer of Miss Peru.

What complaints does Liseth Guevera face?

Twitter user Ric La Torre, who investigated Liseth, assured that several of the model’s statements are lies, since she would not have a store in Madrid as she claims, nor does she study at Harvard and would have stolen S / 3000 from her best friend. .

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“I OPEN THREAD about the entire scandal that is taking place on networks about Liseth Guevara, a candidate for Miss Peru 2022 and who has been accused of theft by a Twitter user and of lying about her studies and content by her followers”, wrote.

Likewise, La Torre affirms that Guevara used photographs of other users to make his followers believe that he was studying at the renowned university.

“Everything is fine with being young and having your own business, but you are not Baigorria. The friend, at 23, is already studying a master’s degree at Harvard and uploading content from her ‘days’ over there. It was clearly a lie and was denied by the owner of the photos that she stole ”, he added.

Liset Guevara breaks her silence

Ric La Torre contacted Liseth Guevara to ask for her response to the complaints that emerged on social networks. However, the former Miss Peru 2022 participant assured her that she would speak out through an Instagram live.

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“Hello. How are you? Tomorrow (May 3) I will do a live. And they will have the only real version.” The model responded to Ric La Torre.

So far Guevara has not spoken, it is only known that he submitted his resignation from the beauty pageant.

Jessica Newton already wants to see a baby from Cassandra and Deyvis. (In Boca de Todos / America) https://elbocon.pe/boconvip/miss-peru-jessica-newton-confirmo-que-el-certamen-nacional-fue-pospuesto-nndc-noticia/