Instagram will let you reply to a Story with a drawing

Stories are a fundamental part of how Instagram works. Users use this space to quickly recount something that has happened to them. Make a small announcement of something with a short video or simply interact with the rest of the world in a fast and highly customizable way. But the thing is, the Menlo Park company is working on a new way of respond to Stories with a simple freehand drawing.

Reply to your contacts with a drawing

Each user decides how he wants the rest to be able to contact him. It is even possible to limit the number of people who see a story and if they can comment once published. Instagram allows you to customize these options to your liking and there will be many more new features soon.

And we are very happy that those of Menlo Park continue with their commitment to their own functions and that have served as design inspiration for many other platforms. In the case of Stories, there will be a new function that the most creative users will like, who will surely use the answer with a drawing.

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According to what Alessandro Paluzzi puts on his Twitter account, those from Menlo Park will add a third button to the answers of the Twitter Stories. One will be the GIFs, others will be the images and the third will be a line making eses that symbolizes the new freehand drawing option.

No further details have been shared about it, but it could behave very similar to the drawing tool within WhatsApp photo editing. But this is just an idea and we will have to wait for a later phase of the application to find out all the details of this new feature that will surely attract more than one to respond in a creative and fun way to the stories of their friends.

More features for Instagram’s own features

That Instagram continues to support its features is of the utmost importance for the development of the application. With the arrival of the Reels it seemed that in Menlo Park they were focused on taking over TikTok, but the development of these functions is most necessary so that it does not lose its essence.

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