YouTube Go closes its service next August

Announced in 2016 as an app created with the Indian user market in mind, with the aim of help them enjoy the video platform in areas of the country where network connectivity is more limited, The YouTube GO app allows you to officially download videos from the streaming platform, save them on your mobile or tablet, and later watch them offline, exactly as they allow other VODs like the popular Netflix.

YouTube Go

How does your service work? Very simple: the first thing is search the content y choose quality in which you want to download it, which will only have two options: low resolution and standardr -forget about resolutions like 1080P at 60 fps or 4K, unthinkable in areas with less coverage in India. Of course the low resolution is what less space will occupy us either in the mobile memory or on the microSD card.

Once chosen we give it to save and we can go to downloads to see how it is downloaded. As we see a simple system that reminds us of the execution to view offline content in other services such as Google Drive.

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Designed “for viewers where connectivity, data prices, and low-end devices prevented us from delivering the best experience on the main YouTube app”, Google has announced what YouTube Go will stop working from August of this year. Among the reasons we have YouTube has invested in improvements to the main YouTube app that make it work better in these environments.

No service from August 2022

With the improvement in performance of basic devices or those that watch YouTube on slower networks, and the creation of additional user controls that help reduce mobile data usage for viewers with limited data, Go is no longer necessary. Therefore, those who use YouTube Go have to download the main YouTube app and start using it.

Compared to Go, the main YouTube app offers “a better overall user experience, as well as features not available on YouTube Go that many have requested, such as the ability to comment, post, create content, and use the dark theme.”