Google blocks 8 million ads about war in Ukraine

The US company removed advertising from more than 60 official Russian media outlets.

The technology company Google blocked eight million ads related to the war in Ukraine to “avoid profit or exploitation of the situation,” explained this Wednesday (05.04.2022) the vice president of product management, ads, privacy and security, Scott Spencer.

In a post on the company’s blog to explain its actions on advertiser safety in 2021, Spencer detailed that they have paused all ads in Russia and also prevent ads from Russian companies from being seen abroad.

On the other hand, they have prevented Russian state-funded media from receiving money through their platforms.

In addition to the eight million blocked ads, the company has removed advertising from more than 60 official Russian media outlets.

Although the report only covers 2021, we wanted to share an update on our response to the war as it is a priority for many around the world, including our teams.

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In its report on the past year, Google reveals that it suspended more than five million advertiser accounts, triple the number in 2020, due to the increase in fraudulent activity during the pandemic and the “sophistication of its tactics”.

Among them, the company cites the creation of thousands of simultaneous accounts or the masking of ads, in such a way that they show different content to Google reviewers than to consumers.

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