Tula Rodríguez “flirts” with Gian Marco in an interview for “On everyone’s lips”

Gian Marco Zignago He appeared in the recent edition of the program “In everyone’s mouth” at the gates of performing his concert at the National Stadium, this July 16.

The host Tula Rodríguez was in charge of interviewing the singer and at all times said that the interpreter “It was her boyfriend.”

“Tell me the song you want (perform). Here (in ‘On everyone’s lips’) what you say is done, if you are my boyfriend, you are the driver’s boyfriend and you do what you want”, The presenter expressed at one point in the live program.

In another sequence of the space, the production decided to give Zignago a present for his long musical career. Although he had to get up from his seat to receive his gift, the musician did not let go of his guitar and Tula took the opportunity to make a suggestive comment to his friend.

“He (by Gian Marco) does not let go of the guitar. How I would like him to take care of me like your guitar ”, Rodriguez said between laughs.

Tula Rodríguez to Gian Marco: “I would like you to take care of me like your guitar”
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Finally, the interpreter of the song “I can’t love you” humorously took Tula’s mischievous interview and said he was grateful for allowing him to be on his show.

“Coming to television gives me a lot of joy because I know that you reach a lot of people. I know that the entire cast arrives, all the hardworking people who are at home and I send them a big hug”he pointed.

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