Twitter Circles, the function to send tweets to friends is on the way

Social networks are designed to interact with all users within them. You can’t imagine who you might meet in the future, and this may be the big problem for many users, who don’t want to interact with everyone who can read their message. These types of people are the ones who will appreciate the role of Twitter Circles to send messages that only a few can see.

Tweet but only for a few

Sometimes, users just want to express themselves and that their thoughts remain only in the memory of a few. This is somewhat complicated depending on the Internet sites, but the truth is that the companies of this type of service have made an effort to ensure that everyone finds their site and that they feel comfortable using each and every one of the available functions.

And it is at this point where Twitter had not given all the possible tools to its users. And it is that today the company of the little bird has finally admitted that it is working on a function with which you can share tweets with only a few users. This may sound like another social network and you are not wrong.

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Everything indicates that you can choose up to a total of 150 followers with whom to share your thoughts. This will appear correctly indicated in each tweet that is published with these characteristics, and if you are one of the lucky ones you will have the possibility of responding to this message.

Like the best friends of Instagram

Exactly, the function Twitter Circles it has another name in another application that the blue app has been paying attention to a lot lately. We are talking about Instagram, from which it has ‘borrowed’ some features. The first was the Fleet that, unfortunately for Twitter, will not appear again due to its poor reception.

Now comes the function that you can send a message directly to your board but that only some users can see, something that can be done with Instagram stories. We will see if Twitter soon launches to do something else with the TikTok-type vertical video format, although this could still be one of the company’s first decisions after the purchase made by Elon Musk.

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