Google Assistant will change your compromised passwords for you

One of the Google applications that is still very present on all Android devices is Google Assistant. It is the virtual assistant that will help you carry out some actions directly with a simple voice command. However, its use is not only relegated to receiving orders and errands, it will also ensure your safety with a new feature with which you will automatically change a vulnerable password.

Google Assistant springs into action

Different software companies are very focused on machine learning and intelligent software. It takes time to polish a code capable of understanding different functions, but that is achieved with work and good work. In addition, the more these programs work, the faster they learn to perform all the tasks that a user needs and they know that very well in Google.

Those of Mountain View are very advanced in this type of technology, so it is not surprising that we see great developments in the future. In fact one of those that are about to arrive has to do with security. It turns out that the firm will soon release a new function for Google Assistant with which it will automatically change the passwords that are vulnerable.

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The American company has spent years behind a way to help you improve your security and it seems that it is succeeding. For example, Google Chrome is capable of reviewing the different passwords that you use on Internet sites and, as if that were not enough, create them randomly so that it is not a problem to have a secure password in addition to starting with a quick start.

But when it comes to using the Google assistant, the function is much more agile. On the one hand, the program is capable of recognizing the site that is affected by an account theft and that is when it will give you the pertinent notices. You can let him attend to all the steps on his own, although you can be the one to go to the site that tells you the artificial intelligence to make manual changes that you deem necessary.

As you can see, Google Assistant will be much more useful at the security level, but as we told you, you will have all the power when deciding what you want to do with that password that seems weak and if you are the one who is going to make the changes.