Samsung’s new cards will be able to record up to 16 years of video non-stop

Samsung is not only dedicated to the most powerful and popular hardware such as smartphones or computers. The firm also puts other types of smaller devices in different devices that help their operation by providing, among other things, processing capacity and space. This is where the new memory cards from Samsung designed for constant recording devices.

Samsung presents its new high-performance cards for cameras

Internal storage is the most important thing for users of any device. Everyone chooses their phone based on certain parameters and seeing how much storage you have is a very important part, especially if there is no way to physically expand it.

In the case of the vast majority of Android devices there is still a MicroSD card tray, but these are not the only ones that have access to this type of accessory. We have the case of all those devices that only have one job, such as video cameras of all kinds.

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For all those who have a free space for it, they will be able to enjoy all the possibilities offered by the new range of Samsung Endurance Pro cards. The Korean firm knows that space is important, but there are other determining factors when producing this chip type.

To begin with, space is important and in your case you will have to 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB of space internal, something that may seem little even in the highest standards. But keep in mind that the objective is to put them in cameras of all types with MicroSD portso it may be more than enough in most cases.

In fact, the company promises up to a maximum of 140,160 hours at the top of spaceor, not to mention their resistances. And it is that the Endurance range is characterized by enduring everything that is thrown at it, from magnets, X-rays and extreme temperatures. Another promise is the maintenance of up to 16 consecutive years of recording without interruption, so with these features it is almost worth spending the money on a 256 GB card for 55 euros, which is very interesting for these multimedia devices.