USB C 2.1 could charge your next laptop

Technology tends to simplify a large number of processes that would otherwise be more complex. It is true that as users we miss many details that only companies know, but on many occasions it is appreciated that the simpler things are, the better. And it is here where we can find news in the future and all thanks to the integration of USB C2.1 as a charger in computers.

More importance of USB C

It is a fact that the USB C connector is gaining a lot of ground and there is hardly any device that does not have this type of input. The truth is that it meets the requirements of becoming a good connectivity standard thanks to its simplicity as well as the number of improvements it provides. And it is now almost unthinkable not to think of at least one phone that does not have this entry in its base with which it is possible to both charge it and transfer data of all kinds.

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But this connection is also available in different laptops and may soon become more than necessary for the internal construction of these devices. As we can read in Tom’s Hardwaresoon these cables will have great power as far as power transfer of as much as 240 W.

This is great news for users, who see how little by little a format can be imposed that could help users not depend on huge chargers in some cases. But speaking of this accessory, improvements to the port with improved power stations will also help make charging much faster than it is now.

Three different types of cables

The introduction of the new USB C cables would have up to 240 W of power to supply electricity to a computer in all cases. However, it is not the only feature that they will have, and that is that they could appear in four different types divided according to the function that you want to give them.

The differences will vary in their data transmission power as well as the video output available. This would be divided into:

  • The CAC-1573 with a transfer rate of 480 Mbps and does not support video output

  • CAC-1575 with a speed of 20 Gbps and broadcast in 4K at 60 Hz

  • CAC-1576 with 40 Gbps power and support for 8K video at 60 Hz.