Microsoft is working on a VPN network for Edge

There are many users who have access to the Internet in the world. It seems very obvious, since it is very likely that you do not know anyone who has not entered the Network or has daily access to it. But more and more users are demanding a secure connection system in which their data is not exposed or they can browse the world without restriction. And that’s what it’s good for a VPN, a feature that Microsoft wants to bring to Edge.

Microsoft Edge with built-in VPN

Everyone needs a browser to access the Internet, in the same way that a connection is required to access it. But now everything has changed, and it is that users are no longer satisfied with entering the Internet and that’s it, now it is necessary to be safe and, at the very least, have the possibility of having unlimited access to all the pages that exist. And I know that entering foreign pages without fear of being rejected is also a pleasure.

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For that, many users rely on connection through a VPN, which allows you to enter with a more private access to the internet without the risk of having problems due to the IP of your country or that your data is filtered more easily. These services, as a rule, must be contracted and installed in your browser, but there are already browsers that have this function incorporated.

This is where Microsoft wants to give users a new surprise, offering a new integrated VPN service in Edge. At least this is what the signature says on its support pagewhere they have already named the function as Microsoft Edge Secure Network. Of course, this feature is not working for everyone yet. From what is known, it has all the earmarks of being designed for those times when you have no choice but to connect to a public WiFi network. It is on these sites where user data is most at risk, since anyone connected to the same network could steal your data if they know how to access it.

Other services already have their VPN

Surely Microsoft is already very advanced in the project and sooner or later we will end up seeing it. Everything is a matter of waiting, but as we said, it is aimed at all users who have to connect to a public network. This is an important issue and it is that its level of protection is very basic. By this we mean that it is very likely that it will not protect you against location tracking of some pagesso it may not help you to see what’s new on Netflix America.