Boston Dynamics shows the novelties for its Spot robot

It is still hard for many to believe that the world of robotics is taking a position in our lives. And it is that not only intelligent arms are capable of carrying out a single job perfectly, but there are already devices that are capable of carrying out their work almost autonomously and far from an electrical charging point. The clearest example is in the Boston Dynamics Spot robot and its new improvements.

The news that will improve Spot

We have already introduced you to Spot, the Boston Dynamics robotic dog about which we have given you more than one piece of information. In fact, his design has served as an influence for other companies, such as the Xiaomi Cyberdog. But today it is the turn to talk about the device that has given inspiration to many others.

We already know that the company is a pioneer in achieving robotics steps forward in the labor section and it seems that this will continue to be the trend of the future. For that, the quadruped robot will count with new sensors that will greatly help the user to receive more data from his surroundings. For that, it will have color cameras capable of offering more details of everything that surrounds the device.

The best thing is that the image you send will be made directly to a tablet. In the video that the firm has shown, the model to which it belongs is not said beyond what the Samsung brand is, but due to the characteristics that it advances, it is about the series Samsung Active. It is a tablet that stands out for its design designed to withstand large falls and withstand all the elements that are put in front of it. It will also serve to control the movements of the robot always from its touch screen.

More accessories for the Spot robot

On the other hand, the device has the help of other devices that will give it many more options for use. The first, and possibly the most important, is its new charging platform where you can store one battery and charge another. In addition, the compartment has a small screen where you can see the remaining charge capacity so that the battery is fully charged. Of course, this portable charger will need a power outlet to do its job.

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And speaking of getting jobs done, Spot will have two new couplers behind him. One of them is a radio communicator that will improve the connection to have everything the user needs to communicate with the robot. The other is a small computer that greatly improves the processing capabilities of the machine, which is perfect for working on the go with the data provided by the robot as well as connecting much faster with it thanks to the 5G connectivity that also contributes.