Pinterest will help users with their emotional well-being with its new feature

Feeling good on a psychological and emotional level is one of the best feelings you can have. You feel good about yourself because you know what you want and because you have overcome all the obstacles that life can put in front of you. Getting to that point of feeling this way is a complicated task and, on many occasions, going to a psychologist is the best thing to do. Instagram may be dedicated to the development of its app, but they also care about users, which is why have launched the Compassionate Search function in our country.

A new function to help the well-being of users

The arrival of social networks has made it very clear, in case it wasn’t already, how important people’s psychological well-being is. It is not something that is achieved overnight and in some cases it does not just take time to heal. In fact, there are many users who are dedicated to creating content to motivate and help others achieve their goals or improve their well-being.

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Sometimes a small step is to take a look at that content that you will find on social networks and on Pinterest they want to help you find them more easily. Everything will be done thanks to the new function of Compassionate Search. This feature offers a collection of activities that users can interact with to improve their mood during difficult times. This will be activated when the user performs a search on a negative term such as sadness or anxiety.

Taking into account the search parameters of the related users who do them, the firm has worked in Spain with the experts of the Telephone of Hope to find the best way to approach each problem using the photo platform tool.

As we have told you, it will be available in our country and it will be in the coming weeks when it will be incorporated with the rest of the company’s features. In the same way, another 10 countries will be added to the list of the twelve that already have this feature.