In Cuba the number of protests grows from month to month

Cuba registered 293 public protests last April, compared to 232 in March, figures that, according to a report by the Cuban Conflict Observatory (OCC), “confirm an upward trend” on the island.

According to the OCC report, based in the US, in April there was an average of almost 10 daily protests, which means an increase of three daily compared to the previous month. In addition, compared to April 2021, when 203 protests took place – two and a half months before the national uprising of July 11, 2021, he emphasizes – an increase of 44% is shown.

Of the 293 protests last April, 194 occurred in defense of political and civil rights, “mainly in rejection of the repression and judicial and prison arbitrariness against peaceful demonstrators on July 11,” the report details.

Also, 99 occurred in defense of economic, social and cultural rights, “mostly against inflation, the collapse of the health system and shortages.” The latter doubled in relation to the previous month, says the document.

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The report by the OCC, an autonomous civil society project supported by the Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba, highlights how preparations for Sunday’s May Day parade were carried out “under coercive measures in order to guarantee massive”.

He cites as an example a document that circulated within the health sector where the designation of “political agitators” is mentioned to guarantee “monitoring and confrontation of any provocation.”

“The figures compiled by the OCC in April belie the export image of a popular parade of homogeneous revolutionary reaffirmation,” says the organization.

The traditional parade for International Labor Day in Cuba returned after two years suspended due to the pandemic with tens of thousands of people chanting slogans and carrying signs in favor of the Government. However, the OCC compares “the alleged massive support for the regime” during the parade with other similar historical cases “on the eve of a change.”

The comparison is based on the parades and demonstrations to celebrate the anniversary of communist Germany shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989), or those called in Romania by the country’s former president Nicolae Ceausescu in support of the XIV Congress of his party, “barely a month before a military and civilian rebellion overthrew that regime and shot the dictator and his wife”.

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“The Cuban power elite (…) did not learn from that lesson and continues to focus, like Ceausescu, on (…) intensifying repression and generating false positives of popular support -like the May Day parade-, but not to reverse the disastrous policy that leads them to the cliff,” the OCC report concludes.

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