HBO Max premieres for May 2022: Matrix Resurrections arrives

Few, few premieres this month that HBO Max brings, which has also accustomed us to releasing almost as much content as Netflix. But that does not mean that it is not worth it, because among them is one of the premieres of the year. And if last month we had The Batman, this May HBO Max will premiere the latest installment of the iconic Neo.

In this way, Matrix Resurrections will be available on HBO Max Spain at the end of the month. The film, one of the biggest failures of 2021, has divided fans of the franchise, although the meta-referential game that Lana Wachowski poses directing alone, and seeing Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss together again as Neo and Trinity, are the best of a film that should be seen for what it is: not a new Matrix or the beginning of a saga, but a late epilogue that comes almost 20 years after the end of the Matrix Revolutions to close the plot of the tetralogy.

But it’s not just about pills and rabbits, since this month we have The Staircase, a drama with Colin Firth and Tony Collette as the protagonist in which the death of a character will trigger all kinds of suspicions between and towards all members of his family. Another notable release is The time traveler’s wife second adaptation of the novel by Audrey Niffenegger published in 2003, in which a man has a genetic disorder that causes him to continuously travel through time without being able to avoid it, and his wife must deal with his frequent absences.

Another premiere series is Wild Romania, a showcase of all the virtues of the Romanian landscape. A journey through all the nature of the country that will take us to visit from volcanic lakes to abrupt ridges. Y conversations between friends, series based on the homonymous novel written by Sally Rooney, and that focuses on the life of Frances and her best friend, Bobbi. Their relationship begins to crack little by little when they begin to get closer to the writer Melissa and her husband Nick.

The service also brings the comedy Bunkerin which Vladimiro, owner of a bunker prepared for the arrival of the end of the world, suddenly has to deal with kidnappings, a somewhat dysfunctional family, hostages and everything in this underground vaudeville with Bruno Bichir as the protagonist.

Rooster days is a series whose plot revolves around its title: freestyle rap battles, commonly called ‘battles of roosters’, following three characters, Rafaela, León and Andy, who want to succeed in this musical world. And HBO Max also brings us the 8 seasons of the great Weedsin which a woman who is suddenly widowed must start a marijuana business in order to stay afloat.

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