This is what William Levy looked like in his first telenovela as the protagonist

when thinking about William Levy We can remember his colorful love life over the years, his public appearances, but especially his work in acting, mainly in the leading roles, which fell like a glove due to his undeniable talent from a very young age. However, this was not always the case and she had to start from very low to become what she is today.

As we will remember, the Cuban actor began in several productions in Mexico and the United States having some secondary characters and who did not have much participation in the respective plots, but this was his springboard to fame, since that is how he demonstrated his talent and was noticed by on top of more.

After a few years making it clear that he could give much more in acting, the long-awaited opportunity that every actor awaits came to him: the possibility of playing the main character of a soap opera, movie or whatever. And, as if that were not enough, from the hand of a producer recognized throughout the world.


When I was 28 years old, in 2008, William Levy It took him the opportunity to embody his first main character in the telenovela called “Be careful with the angel”, which was in charge of Televisa. This is how we saw the Cuban for the first time with such an important role on television.

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On that occasion, the gallant was the partner of the character played by actress Maite Perroni, who was also very young at the time and had turned 25.

William Levy and Maite Perroni were the protagonists of the telenovela "Careful with the angel" (Photo: Televisa)
William Levy and Maite Perroni were the protagonists of the telenovela “Careful with the angel” (Photo: Televisa)

In the aforementioned production, the Cuban played the role of Juan Miguel San Roman Bustsa prestigious widowed psychoanalyst and father of a girl harassed by a crime he committed in the past and led him to dedicate himself to psychology.

Obviously, in those years the actor looked younger, without wrinkles or gray hair and with a different hairstyle than the current one, which is normal because this usually changes in artists depending on current fashion.

William Levy during a scene from "Beware of the Angel" in 2008 (Photo: Televisa)
William Levy during a scene from “Beware of the Angel” in 2008 (Photo: Televisa)


After his participation in “Be careful with the angel”, Levy received a new project, which he accepted. It was a new protagonist and the telenovela was “Sortilege”, a production that gave him the recognition he was looking for. After this television story, the actor continued to grow and the rest was history.

Sortilege” premiered on June 1, 2009 with chapters of 20 minutes of duration approximately. However, due to its good reception, from its second week the June, 15his episodes began to last more than 40 minutes taking a whole hour of prime time from “The channel of the stars”.

For its part, in USA the series began to be broadcast the same year almost in parallel, reaping great success among the Spanish-speaking community. Jacqueline bracamontes played Maria Jose Samaniego Miranda, William Levy It was Alex Lombardo Villavicencio Y David Zepeda gave life to Bruno Damian Lombardo Sarmientoits main protagonists.