The United States reiterates a request to irregular migrants: “do not come” to the country

Alejandro Mayorkas, the US Secretary of Homeland Security, said “extraordinary pressure” is brewing on the border with Mexico as soon as entry restrictions stemming from the pandemic are lifted.

The Secretary of National Security of the United States, Alejandro Mayorkas, acknowledged this Sunday (05.01.2022) that the country is preparing to receive a wave of immigrants and face “extraordinary pressure” on the border with Mexico once the restrictions are eliminated. of entry related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interviewed by the ABC television network, Mayorkas admitted the magnitude of the problem and repeated the forceful message of “Do not come” to any possible migrant who is thinking of crossing the border illegally.

He recalled that Title 42 is still in force – the health regulation approved at the beginning of the pandemic that allows the rapid expulsion of migrants at the US land borders, and also the immigration regulations that those who do not have a permit cannot go through ” valid” input.

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His message now, Mayorkas said, is “the same, because the border is not open.” “Don’t come,” he reiterated, after forecasts suggest there could be 18,000 migrants a day as soon as restrictions are lifted.

Last Friday, US President Joe Biden tried to coordinate with his Mexican counterpart, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a common strategy in the face of the “unprecedented” flow of migrants arriving at the common border.

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